NBA Finals 2015 – Best Players Ranking


Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors, Atlanta Hawks and Cleveland Cavaliers are the last 4 teams in the NBA Conference Finals, fighting for their respective title and also for two of the tickets to the NBA Championship 2015 final game. Here, we list the top 3 NBA players in the entire league.

You probably know them very well, they are admired for thousands of fans because of their game and skills on the basketball court. Now that they have come so far this season, let´s know a bit more about some of the most outstanding players of this season.

#3 – James Harden


James Harden is one of the best assets of the Houston Rockets, one of the NBA Conference teams in the finals.

Harden, number 13 shooting guard, has proved the team and sports fans he has what it takes to become an MVP player, one day. He is the second best player in the West conference, behind LeBron James. Considered the best player on the free throw line, exceptional game and skills, may, somehow, lead Rockets to win the conference series over Warriors, but only, if he is able to manage the aggressiveness of Stephen Curry, our next guess on the list.

#2 – Stephen Curry


Stephen Curry, # 30 point guard of the Golden State Warriors team, was named MVP after helping the franchise get the record of 67 wins and also knocking down his own personal three point record of 273 on April of this year, finishing the regular season with 286, considered the “3 point Machine”.

Curry is not only the best 3 pointer of the league, but also is a natural leader, great father, good defender and passer, helping his team and mates reach the conference finals, one step closer to the Championship.

#1 – LeBron James


Lebron is called “King” for a good reason. Known as the best basketball player of both conferences, but also from the entire world, making his way to the hall of fame. As many great basketball players, he is considered the legend of this generation of NBA athletes and compared with players like Michael Jordan.

The Cleveland Cavaliers # 23 small forward (the same number Jordan wore his entire career), move from Miami to help his team, the Cavaliers, to get to the Conference Finals and if he continues with his incredible performance, he may help the team reach the Championship.

Many great things are waiting for us, the sports fans, on what’s left from this great tournament. So sit back and enjoy all the action from the best players of the league, fighting for the honor of been called “Champions”.

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By Andrew Smith


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