Who is Becky Hammon?

hammonThe last reports about Basketball mentioned the name of Becky Hammon, for many people it is a new name, but for some others this name means what this woman really is.

Becky Hammon is a 38 years old retired professional basketball player. She played with San Antonio Starts and also with the New York Liberty in the Women’s National Basketball Association.  However, she began with her career since she was at high school, where she played at the Stevens High School basketball team, right in her hometown at South Dakota. There she was voted as South Dakota Player of the Year and also the South Dakota Miss Basketball.

Hammon’s professional career at the WNBA began on 1999 time, in which she joined the New York Liberty and for her aggressive play she became her team´s favorite. On 2003 she led the league scoring an average of 20.6 points per game. On 2004, she signed with Colorado Chill.

On 2007, Hammon was trade to the Silver Stars and on 2011 she became the seventh player on the WNBA history on scoring 5000 points.

With the passing of the time, Becky expressed in several occasions her aspirations to become a coach, after ending her basketball player’s career. While she was recovering of a hard injury, she participated on several NBA’s San Antonio Spurs practices and meetings. She was constantly invited to contribute with opinions about the team performance.

On 2014, Becky Hammon was hired as assistant coach for the spurs and become the First full-time salaried female coach on the NBA history.  Last July, 3 (2015) Becky became the First female head-coach on the NBA’ Summer League.

Hammon says: “I have been learning this last season from the best school for a coach. It is like if Henry Ford resurrects and tells someone: ‘Let me show you how to make cars’. Who didn´t take that opportunity would be crazy”

We have listened many positive comments, as well as some hard and sexist remarks related to Hammon’s achievement, such as the ones done by Matt Walsh, current player of the Virtus Bolonia, who tweeted:

I’m not saying that Becky Hammon doesn´t know about basketball, I’m just saying that I wouldn’t listen even a word from a woman basketball coach”

“Female and Male basketball are two different sports”

On the other side we have the comment of Gregg Popovic who say that it is not about gender, it is about talent and she has it.

What do you think about Becky as a coach? I think we have to keep supporting gender equality.


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