Gonzalo Higuaín to Chelsea

hi-res-8d4b77a6033455a13df71731d6b9021a_crop_northAs we already know, Chelsea is having the worst season that the team could ever have. There are many reasons, but one of the most important and the one with more impact is Mourinho.

The current coach of the Chelsea has been having the worst moment in his professional career joined to his personal problems which have as consequence the bad position of the team at Premier League.

Mourinho has been in the news since some months ago, beginning with the bad results and all the lost games, and then with the event with the kid at a London’s street in which the coach pushed way the minor because he was recording him. Continue reading


Racism Touched Quintero this Time

i_quintero_576x324It seems that social problems will never end. What are people waiting for? Racism is a big problem, it may seem that it has decreased over the years; however, there are some actions that make me feel disappoint and I’m pretty sure you may feel the same way.

During this weekend, the Club America, a Mexican soccer team was playing a game against the Toluca, when around the second half of the game and just before Carlos Darwin Quintero was substituted he received a lot of insults and hard racist words from the Toluca fans; action that Ignacio Ambriz didn’t forget neither forgive. Continue reading