Racism Touched Quintero this Time

i_quintero_576x324It seems that social problems will never end. What are people waiting for? Racism is a big problem, it may seem that it has decreased over the years; however, there are some actions that make me feel disappoint and I’m pretty sure you may feel the same way.

During this weekend, the Club America, a Mexican soccer team was playing a game against the Toluca, when around the second half of the game and just before Carlos Darwin Quintero was substituted he received a lot of insults and hard racist words from the Toluca fans; action that Ignacio Ambriz didn’t forget neither forgive.

From the stands of the Nemesio Diez Stadium people were insulting the player making reference to Quintero, insults such as “simio” which means ape or simian, making allusion to his dark skin color.

Ignacio Ambriz, ex player and current coach of the Club America said: “they shouted ape to Darwin, and I didn’t like it, I defend my players as I would defend my own children. We will analyzed if we are going to protest against these actions.”

As we already know this is not the first case of racism and discrimination at soccer. We have around 10 more cases. Dani Alves on 2014 suffered from racism attacks during a game. Some people threw him a banana; what anyone expected is that Dani Alves took the banana and ate it on the field.

On 2006 Samuel Eto’s suffered from the same racist actions during a game of Barcelona against Zaragoza, actually he was about to leave the field when people started screaming at him, when everything stops and sanction was given. Samuel said that the sanction was not enough that they should close the field for at least a year.

Marcelo, Kevin Prince-Boateng, Patrice Evra, Roberto Carlos, Anton Fernandinand, from the South Korea team, Mario Balotelli, Tinga, and some other players have been witnesses and victims of what racism and discrimination is.

The FIFA joined to the UEFA and the FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) are working very hard to avoid this kind of situations and to fight for their players rights. Every year they make a campaign trying to create conscious about this problem.

I really hope racism could end, and discrimination could stops, just with the intention of living peacefully and in harmony.


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