Gonzalo Higuaín to Chelsea

hi-res-8d4b77a6033455a13df71731d6b9021a_crop_northAs we already know, Chelsea is having the worst season that the team could ever have. There are many reasons, but one of the most important and the one with more impact is Mourinho.

The current coach of the Chelsea has been having the worst moment in his professional career joined to his personal problems which have as consequence the bad position of the team at Premier League.

Mourinho has been in the news since some months ago, beginning with the bad results and all the lost games, and then with the event with the kid at a London’s street in which the coach pushed way the minor because he was recording him.

The Chelsea is in a so bad situation that even Roman Abramovich has thought about changing of coach, to negotiate with Mourinho to stop his activities and look for another coach. But they still having faith that everything can get better.

Changes will come, if the situation with the team gets better or worst; many things will change. And changes began with the entrance of Gonzalo Higuaín at the Chelsea.

The Argentine forward would be chosen to replace the nationalized Spanish Brazilian Diego Costa at the team in the English Premier League at the end of this season. The Daily Mirror said that the recruitment will be made the next year because the Napoli will not bow the former forward of River Plate who has already been cited by the coach Gerardo Martino to join the Argentine national team before the end of the Italian Tournament.

However, it will not be the only change that Chelsea will have. Due to the bad season that the team is having in which they currently are at 16th position, they will try to contract the Mexican Javier Chicharito Hernández who was playing for the Manchester United and ends at Bayern Leverkusen at Germany. Also, they have been thinking in hiring Didier Drogba who’s contract with the Montreal United of the MLS already end.

It seems that Chelsea has the solution of their bad situation on their hands. But first they need to make a big change on Murinho’s attitudes. It cannot be possible that he needs to be at news every time. The last event was during the game against the Stoke City, in which Mourinho was sanctioned and he had no permission to be on the game and neither to communicated with the team, however Kurt Souma said that he was in constant communication with the team during the game.

The only way to change this gust of wind is to change attitudes. No more controversial news from the team, and this need to start from the coach.


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