Passion is everything.



When talking about sports passion is everything, passion is what drives and moves millions of fans all over the world from any single sport in the world, there is no difference between them, there is are no colors, or flags, countries or differences, there are no brands when talking about sports, when talking about passion. Continue reading


The Best NBA Players for 2013 – 2014 Season.

filepicker-j007MH85RtKrx7WcIG37_where_amazing_happensNow that the NBA season its just getting warms and all the sporstbook fans are just so happy that they can have not only the whole excitement and passion from their favorite sport but also they can rush the stakes for some additional action on the new season to put the extra hot spice on their favorite games and make some extra cash risking their faith, money and passion for this great sport on their favorite sportsbook sharing the rush with their friends, family, girlfriends, boyfriends and anyone that loves to put some spice sauce on top of their favorite basketball dish. Continue reading

Live Wagering at Sportsbooks

Written by Karol

200383005-001Online Sportsbooks industry is one of the biggest around the world and has suffered many threats, however it is home of the most amazing inventions and trends.

Currently, IPhone or Samsung lovers used to look for the newest app, for the news accessory, but they keep looking to afford the new model of his phone. It doesn´t matter what they are going to do to have it, but they will do it because it is considered as a need for them.

Something similar happen at sportsbooks, they adopt a trend and they will look for the best way to enhance it. Everything began with Live Lines, it was great! I mean, bettors can take a look to the lines whenever they want and wherever they are. Then was the Live Casinos and Live Dealers, it was a successfully trend which born from the advantages of internet.

The last new trend, the last BUM at sportsbooks is named Live Wagering. All of us have dreamed about stop the time and come back the past, modify some things and then be at present again…

It is impossible, of course! Just at movies you can see that, but we can do something similar, maybe we can have an opportunity to correct some decisions that we made in the past. It sounds attractive, isn’t it? But it just happens inside the amazing sportsbooks world.

Live Wagering is the new trend that let you change your bets while the game has been played. Actually, sportsbooks will open lines when the game starts.

So,  let’s say that Broncos are playing against Ravens, the game starts and you place your first bet in favor of Broncos (they are favorites), and after 10 minutes of game Ravens take control of the match and they are now the favorites. You can call to the sportsbook and change your bet! YES! You can change your bet! And maybe later Broncos take control again so you can change you bet again.

It is important to know that lines and odds will be changing at the sportsbook depending on what’s happening in the game. Injuries, goals, player changes everything can affect lines and they will be constantly changing.

Football and Basketball are the sports who enjoy of Live Wagering at sportsbooks. And every game that is transmitted by TV in some specifically channels, are the ones who will be available at Live Wagering bet.

You must call to you sportsbook and ask about this new trend. You can be part of the new world of bets.

Good Luck!

James Can Learn From Nowitzki’s Lessons

 Dirk Nowitzki had just turned 28 — oLebron Jamesr one and a half years older than LeBron James is now — when the Dallas Mavericks lost the 2006 N.B.A. finals to Dwyane Wade and a Miami team they couldn’t put away after leading by 2 games and 13 points with six minutes left in the fourth quarter of Game 3.

And so it was that the Mavericks wound up losing four straight, three games by a total of 6 points, with Nowitzki missing a game-tying free throw with 3.4 seconds in one, punting the ball into the stands after another and later being called out by Wade as a poor leader and finisher and something of a whiner.

Forget for the moment that Wade would not have bared such feelings about another team’s star if that player had not been viewed as somehow less authentic, a European wannabe. The criticism wasn’t without merit. It took five long years for Nowitzki to return to the stage of his failures, to prove that he had heard the criticism and taken it to heart.

In leading the Mavericks to their first title in Miami on Sunday night, claiming the finals’ most valuable player trophy after the 105-95 closeout in Game 6, Nowitzki was a more versatile player, a more confident closer and a much better leader. Continue reading

In Stars and on Scoreboard, Mavericks Coming Up Short

Two losses by a combined 10 points does not seem like enough to flunk out of these N.B.A. finals. But as they sorted through the latest lessons from Game 3, the Dallas Mavericks resembled schoolboys trudging off to finish their homework. Mavericks v Miami Heat

Challenges mounted Monday in the wake of the Miami Heat’s 88-86 victory Sunday, a game that ended on Dirk Nowitzki’s missed 16-footer and exposed more questions facing the Mavericks, notably finding fourth-quarter help for Nowitzki and figuring out how to hold a lead.

Dallas also must deal with LeBron James as a facilitator, a supporting role to Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh that he has cast for himself. James was credited with the assist on the winning basket, a crisp backhanded pass to Bosh, whose 16-foot jumper put the Heat ahead to stay. Continue reading