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If you are a sports betting enthusiast and you know all about your favorite sport event, or player or know all about propositions and many different other sports betting options and you like to take your sports betting action to a whole new level and even more interesting and fun Continue reading


Make sure you have the Best Pay Per Head Services.


Into the Bookmaking or sportsbook Agents industry now a days things like the services, products, bets, software’s, promotions can give you the advantage you need to be able to maintain your operations competitive inside this market Continue reading

Advantages of using Price per Head

Writing by Karol

art-sports-betting-420x0As we already know Price per head is a service which has been taking a very important place inside the sports betting industry, and currently, many agents are using it and enjoying of all its benefits. This is also known as Pay per Head and in short terms we can say that agents who began using it, have to pay per client (his/her head) and that’s why it takes this name. Continue reading