Passion is everything.



When talking about sports passion is everything, passion is what drives and moves millions of fans all over the world from any single sport in the world, there is no difference between them, there is are no colors, or flags, countries or differences, there are no brands when talking about sports, when talking about passion. Continue reading


NFL Draft 2014. The Needs of the Teams.


The NFL Path to the Draft 2014 is about to end, tomorrow May 8th 2014 the entire world will fixed the eyes upon one of the most important events of the NFL post season Continue reading

Scouting Combine for the NFL 2014 Draft. Part II – Position Drills.


On the first part of this article we preview some different workouts drills for all the elite athletes that are part of the Scouting Combine for the NFL 2014, on this second part of the article we will focus on some of different position drills the athletes will have as part of the evaluation and interview the scouts, the executives, coaches and members of NFL Teams for the former college elite athletes will have to endure to be part of the Elite Professionals of the NFL, were only the best of the best will be part of this selected group of professionals on the different positions. Continue reading

Scouting Combine for the NFL 2014 Draft. Part I – Workouts Drills.

Super Regional Combine Football

Now that the NFL is off season you cant miss a moment of it, why, because there is still a lot of action from it, and the biggest shows of all is the NFL Scouting Combine and the NFL Draft process that brings only the best college football players from the NCAA including many experts, executives, doctors, coaches and scouts from the different NFL Teams each year on February in Indianapolis, Indiana to test the performance thousands of athletes and separates the best of the best to have the opportunity to become the Elite ones for a spot on the professional football league. Continue reading

Online Sportsbooks and NFL 2014 Duels

Written by Karol

NFL-102211L_5The presence of Online Sportsbooks at NFL events is almost inevitable and essential. The amount of people who bet in favor of one team of NFL is something amazing.

When the Regular Season at NFL begins, every online sportsbook used to get prepared to receive an incredible amount of bets. After all, “bets are one way to demonstrate the support for teams” as some guy said.

The National Football League has already announced the duels for 2014; they are going to be played at London and they will be three matches, one more than what they said before at campaigns.

Some weeks ago NFL let us know that Jacksonville Jaguars, Atlanta Falcons and Oakland Raiders will be locals at London and this present week the commissar Roger Goodell revealed the rivals for each team.

Jaguars who now are sharing owner with Fulham of the Premier League will play against the Dallas Cowboys. Falcons will play against Detroit Lions and Raiders will fight against Miami Dolphins.

Dates are the only unknowing detail until now.   However, online sportsbooks are getting prepare to open lines as soon as possible, so you can begin placing bets early.

It is worth to remember that currently, online sportsbooks are making use of the new trend Live Wagering which consists on placing live bets. I mean, you can bet or change your bet while the game has been played, actually for this new trend, the online sportsbook will open lines simultaneously to the match.

For 2014 games, you can enjoy of Live Wagering too. Or if you prefer to do it with the old methods, it will depend of your preferences. Online sportsbooks will enable all they have for you.

As important game we have the ones for this week of the San Francisco 49ers against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley. It is worth to say that Minnesota Vikings played at the same place against Pittsbugh Steelers (34-27) the last September 29.

Online Sportsbooks will always have lines for you, it doesn’t matter which game it is, they will be prepare, so you can be sure that you will find what you want. It is just to take the decision and take advantage of every event at NFL.