Passion is everything.



When talking about sports passion is everything, passion is what drives and moves millions of fans all over the world from any single sport in the world, there is no difference between them, there is are no colors, or flags, countries or differences, there are no brands when talking about sports, when talking about passion. Continue reading


World Cup 2014 Schedule and odds.


The Brazil World Cup is around the corner and only 14 days, 344 hours, 20600 minutes and 1 239 000 seconds that separate us,  Continue reading

Alex Ferguson of Manchester United Denies Audience with Media after Loss

Alex Ferguson Following a devastating defeat to Liverpool, Sir Alex Ferguson, boss of Manchester United, turned down media invitations for an interview. The league leading United suffered under Kenny Dalglish’s squad on Sunday, and lost by 3-0, attributed partly to a classic hat trick by Dirk Kuyt. Sources indicate that Ferguson also imposed on other stakeholders of Manchester United to decline any comment in the media. Even MUTV, owned by his club, was reportedly denied a chance for an interview. Serious considerations are being undertaken by officials of the English Premier League or the EPL, who believe Ferguson had shown improper behavior with this media boycott. Continue reading