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If you are a sports betting enthusiast and you know all about your favorite sport event, or player or know all about propositions and many different other sports betting options and you like to take your sports betting action to a whole new level and even more interesting and fun Continue reading


The Only Sports Betting Resources You Will Ever Need.


The sports betting industry now a days, provides a lot of different sources where you can get all kind of information like stats, scores, predictions, percentages and some of them always tells you that they are the so-called “Guru’s” of the sports betting world and they have all the knowledge or predictions software’s to be able to predict the outcome of your sports betting action. Continue reading

On Sportsbooks and Football

Maybe you’ve heard or read this, but football, or as Americans call it, soccer, is the sports with more followers around the world, reason for which is also one of the most important sports for sports betting professionals and sportsbooks.

It’s because of this reason that most sportsbooks around the world, whether online or offline, will take bets on a vast amount of different football leagues and matches.

So, why is this important?

The reason for this to be of any interest to you lies in the fact that you can Continue reading

NFL Preseason Odds

It’s been a long time since the Super Bowl took place, and now we finally can expect to start watching some football again.

The NFL’s preseason started this previous weekend, but it isn’t until today that we can start watching most teams begin playing against each other; this means that even when some smart guesses can be made regarding certain matches’, each team’s performance is still unknown. As a result of this, it means that predictions regarding performance, as well as any odds given by sportsbooks, allow a larger margin of error than those given later on in the season.

If you still have yet to add the parts, this means that it’s a perfect opportunity to take a chance for some Continue reading

Perfect Brackets Are Possible

I know, this sounds like some kind of mythological bulls#!t where some Irish leprechaun will pop out of your screen to beat the living hell out of you and steal your wallet just for being curious if it’s actually possible, but it is possible.

I thought this was a lie that sportsbooks and media liked to tell audiences in order to increase profits, at least that was until a co-worker of mine actually won a sportsbook’s contest with a perfect bracket.

The bracket was for the Continue reading