Perfect Brackets Are Possible

I know, this sounds like some kind of mythological bulls#!t where some Irish leprechaun will pop out of your screen to beat the living hell out of you and steal your wallet just for being curious if it’s actually possible, but it is possible.

I thought this was a lie that sportsbooks and media liked to tell audiences in order to increase profits, at least that was until a co-worker of mine actually won a sportsbook’s contest with a perfect bracket.

The bracket was for the Continue reading


Price per Head: A Competitive Advantage

Written by Karol

getting-moreWhen you have a business, it doesn’t matter what it sells or the service it offers, the most important details is which one is the competitive advantage because it will make the difference between all the businesses of the industry.

The competitive advantage is like the magnet of clients or bettors; that’s why, if you are an agent you should pay attention to why price per head is the best option to your business. Continue reading

Winners of the Illume Sports Photography Contest Breathtaking Photos

Red Bull’s Illume Sports Photography Contest made it to its third annual event, and it became one of the biggest photography competitions ever held until now. With over 7,000 contestants competing to win one of the several categories within the event, attaining victory was a matter of both skill and luck.

The total amount of photographs submitted this year surpassed the 28,000 mark.

At the end the judges must have made a very tough decision. With so many astonishing photographs, selecting one for each category must have been complicated, almost to the point that they could have tossed a coin to select the winner once several pictures were left for the final round.

During the ceremony at Hong Kong the jury announced the winners, and the top place was granted to Lorenz Holder – a German photographer who works for a snowboarding magazine – for a magnificent piece of art.

Here’s the picture that made him win:

snowboarding on a satellite dish Continue reading

James Can Learn From Nowitzki’s Lessons

 Dirk Nowitzki had just turned 28 — oLebron Jamesr one and a half years older than LeBron James is now — when the Dallas Mavericks lost the 2006 N.B.A. finals to Dwyane Wade and a Miami team they couldn’t put away after leading by 2 games and 13 points with six minutes left in the fourth quarter of Game 3.

And so it was that the Mavericks wound up losing four straight, three games by a total of 6 points, with Nowitzki missing a game-tying free throw with 3.4 seconds in one, punting the ball into the stands after another and later being called out by Wade as a poor leader and finisher and something of a whiner.

Forget for the moment that Wade would not have bared such feelings about another team’s star if that player had not been viewed as somehow less authentic, a European wannabe. The criticism wasn’t without merit. It took five long years for Nowitzki to return to the stage of his failures, to prove that he had heard the criticism and taken it to heart.

In leading the Mavericks to their first title in Miami on Sunday night, claiming the finals’ most valuable player trophy after the 105-95 closeout in Game 6, Nowitzki was a more versatile player, a more confident closer and a much better leader. Continue reading

Nadal Beats Murray to Reach Finals

Rafael Nadal of Spain defeated Andy Murray of Great Britain, 6-4, 7-5, 6-4, to reach the final round of the French Open Friday, giving him a chance to win a sixth crown at Roland Garros. Nadal

Powering the ball into the deepest corners and countering Murray’s controlled pace, Nadal broke his opponent’s serve six times en route to the victory, his 11th in 15 matches against the scrambling Scotsman and his fourth on clay.

Murray, seeded fourth, managed to break Nadal’s serve only three times. He hit 35 winners, one less than Nadal.

The semifinal victory by Nadal, seeded first, gives Nadal an opportunity to match Bjorn Borg’s record six championship titles between 1974 and 1981.

After 3 hours 14 minutes on court, Nadal steps to the line to serve for the set. He doesn’t waste time, as befits a winner who wants to finish off his opponent. His first winning point is an overhead smash into a corner. Continue reading