Passion is everything.



When talking about sports passion is everything, passion is what drives and moves millions of fans all over the world from any single sport in the world, there is no difference between them, there is are no colors, or flags, countries or differences, there are no brands when talking about sports, when talking about passion. Continue reading


The Influence of Football

Written by Karol

FootballDo you remember the Gangnam Style?  When this “dance” got its tipping point at the market the entire world knew about it. Many people were against it and really hate it, some others just love it, learned it and also they used to recorded their selves dancing the Gangnam Style. And there are the ones who didn’t feel anything with this; they were like in the middle point.

The boom of this dance produced a big change in the economy of many people and businesses, let’s say musical production, video production, also many companies take advantages from the dance making publicity and more. Talking about culture, this dance had a big impact too and as consequence another guy decided to create something similar, the famous Harlem Shake, and the history with this new dance is almost the same… Continue reading

Sports Betting Evolution

Written by Karol

Bets at Horse RacingEverything has to evolve in determinate moment, soon or late. It is almost a life rule, it is like growing up when you are a child, it’s something that you need to do, you need to develop your skills and look for been a better person.

The same happened in the Sports Betting world. Do you know how everything began?

The term of sports betting was originally intended for horse racing and it makes reference to the action risk some money and make profits with sports. In fact, the term of bet and bettor comes by the same reasons. When we talk about bets we are talking about an easy term in comparison with wagers at casinos because bets doesn’t need an object, or something related as cards or dices; bets can be influenced by the knowledge that a bettor has of an specific sport.

So, between the years 1700 and 1800, sports betting at horse racing were invented. The social class of the spectators at horse racing was middle and high-class, and most of them were mavens at the sport or at least some loyal spectators who know a lot about it. When the idea emerged, all the spectators were fascinated, and it seemed to be a great business. Continue reading

Super Bowl 2011

Dallas Cowboys StadiumThe Super Bowl is probably one of the most important sporting events in a calendar year in the United States. It is the championship game between the champions of the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). Super Bowl 2011 is scheduled for the 6th of February, 2011 and the selected venue for the game is the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Super Bowl 2011 is the first instance for the championship game to be played in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Continue reading

Giants domination of Texans

The Houston Texans crushed the Indianapolis Colts in Week 1. Just one week later, those same Colts embarrassed the New York GianGiantsts in front of a national television audience.

So naturally, when the Texans played host to the Giants in Week 5, it was a completely one-sided contest with the Texans taking it to the Giants early and often, right?

Yes and no. Yes, it was a completely one-sided contest, but it wasn’t the Texans who did the dominating (New York won 34-10).

Most NFL fans have come to realize that it doesn’t work that way. There is very little carryover from previous games, and looking at scores of common opponents is a fruitless exercise. That is true at the high school and college levels as well, of course, but it is not nearly as pronounced as it is in the NFL.

That’s because in the NFL, every single game, and the week of preparation leading up to it, is its own entity, unique unto itself. What happened in any of the previous weeks is virtually meaningless outside of a major injury, which of course could have an impact on the outcome of a future contest.

There are some head coaches and coordinators who seem to fare better against certain coaches for whatever reason, and their game plans for that week may give their teams a better chance to win than they had against some common opponent a week or two earlier. Although football is the ultimate team sport, it typically comes down to 11 individual matchups on every single play. That may be why a team such as Cleveland, for example, with an elite left tackle in Joe Thomas, may match up better with a team that is led by a superb pass-rusher — such as the Cowboys, Bears or Vikings — than a team that has a pedestrian left tackle. Continue reading