Winners of the Illume Sports Photography Contest Breathtaking Photos

Red Bull’s Illume Sports Photography Contest made it to its third annual event, and it became one of the biggest photography competitions ever held until now. With over 7,000 contestants competing to win one of the several categories within the event, attaining victory was a matter of both skill and luck.

The total amount of photographs submitted this year surpassed the 28,000 mark.

At the end the judges must have made a very tough decision. With so many astonishing photographs, selecting one for each category must have been complicated, almost to the point that they could have tossed a coin to select the winner once several pictures were left for the final round.

During the ceremony at Hong Kong the jury announced the winners, and the top place was granted to Lorenz Holder – a German photographer who works for a snowboarding magazine – for a magnificent piece of art.

Here’s the picture that made him win:

snowboarding on a satellite dish Continue reading


Cliff Lee Accepts Late Bid by the Phillies

All along, the Yankees knew they were fighting the Texas Rangers for Cliff Lee. But they also had a sense of dread, a feeling that a stealth team might steal the latest pitcher of their dreams. They had reason to be worried.

The Philadelphia Phillies agreed to terms late Monday night with Lee, the prized left-hander who pitched for them in the 2009 World Series, according to a baseball official told of the deal.Cliff Lee The official, who was granted anonymity so he could speak freely about a contract that was not completed, said he believed the deal was for five years and at least $100 million.

Several published reports put the dollar figure higher, at $120 million for five years. But whatever the actual figure was, it was clear that Lee had walked away from a considerable amount of money in rejecting the Yankees.

They bid seven years and about $150 million for Lee, who also had a strong offer from the Rangers. But in the end, Lee’s agent, Darek Braunecker, informed the Yankees that Lee was headed to Philadelphia, where he never wanted to leave after his dominant 2009 postseason run.

Jon Daniels, the Rangers’ general manager, told that Lee had called him to tell him his decision personally. Lee helped the Rangers reach their first World Series in October.

“People rag on players for following that last dollar,” Daniels said. “Cliff didn’t do that. I have a lot of respect for him.” Continue reading

Betting tips

When talking about betting, it is always good to remember that there’s a huge range of betting systems out there; some advertising vast profits while claiming to be risk-free. There are, however, many tried and tested betting systems that confer significant advantages on their users, some of them even offer moBettingney-back guarantees.

Knowing that, there are still many gamblers that adopt a haphazard approach to betting, basing many times their decisions on “gut feelings” about particular wagers, like races and horses. This will inevitably cause lost bets. It is interesting to note, though, that no matter how you see it, horse racing betting always involves a certain amount of luck.

Less Work, More Winners

When you use a proven horse race betting system, it can reduce the effort and time that you require for productive form book study considerably. For a winner, the hours of study of the form book are important, but the time that you spend on it is not related with the number of earnings produced and this is not a guarantee of success. In any case, a betting system can help you remove guesswork from finalizing selections, leading to more winning bets.


With a tried and tested betting system each bet can be simple and easy to comprehend; this is a significant and useful feature for novice horse racing punters. This kind of system removes many complicated factors that may present a problem during the betting process. Continue reading

Scoreless Result in World Cup

Scoreless Result in World Cup ‘Group of Death’ Opener

The 2010 World Cup “Group of Death” opener between Portugal and Ivory Coast has ended in a scoreless draw, as a highly anticipated scoring duel between superstar captains Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba never materialized.Soccer News

Injured Ivory Coast skipper Drogba did not come off the bench as a substitute until the 66th minute of Tuesday’s Group G contest in Port Elizabeth.  Drogba did little to challenge Portugal’s defenders, but perhaps more importantly, the Chelsea striker showed no apparent difficultly playing with a lightweight cast protecting his fractured right arm.  He was injured June 4 in a friendly with Japan.

Drogba was cleared to play a few hours before the contest, but Ivory Coast manager Sven-Goran Eriksson did not take the chance of starting him. Continue reading

Centrebet offering plenty of World Cup promotions

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Their “Score Big Money Back” promotion applies to every game of the 2010 World Cup, and provides players with more chances to recover a lost bet. Centrebet will refund all losing Correct Score bets on any World Cup match if the score is beaten by a goal scored in or after the 88th minute (from 87:00 onwards). They’ll also refund all losing 1st Goal Scorer bets on any World Cup match that finishes goalless. And finally, with this promotion, Centrebet will refund all losing Last Goal Scorer bets on any World Cup match if the player scores but does not score last. Continue reading