Passion is everything.



When talking about sports passion is everything, passion is what drives and moves millions of fans all over the world from any single sport in the world, there is no difference between them, there is are no colors, or flags, countries or differences, there are no brands when talking about sports, when talking about passion. Continue reading


How do Online Sportsbooks Profit?

So you’re wondering how online sportsbooks profit from their operations.

You might be cautious and looking to avoid placing your money somewhere that may scam you, you might be interested in the business and trying to figure out how to profit just like online sportsbooks do, or you might just be the kind of person that loves knowing different facts for no particular reason (the curious type).

Regardless of your intentions, it might surprise you to know that online sportsbooks actually profit Continue reading

Winners of the Illume Sports Photography Contest Breathtaking Photos

Red Bull’s Illume Sports Photography Contest made it to its third annual event, and it became one of the biggest photography competitions ever held until now. With over 7,000 contestants competing to win one of the several categories within the event, attaining victory was a matter of both skill and luck.

The total amount of photographs submitted this year surpassed the 28,000 mark.

At the end the judges must have made a very tough decision. With so many astonishing photographs, selecting one for each category must have been complicated, almost to the point that they could have tossed a coin to select the winner once several pictures were left for the final round.

During the ceremony at Hong Kong the jury announced the winners, and the top place was granted to Lorenz Holder – a German photographer who works for a snowboarding magazine – for a magnificent piece of art.

Here’s the picture that made him win:

snowboarding on a satellite dish Continue reading

The most valuable NFL Teams


Sports all over the world are a very lucrative and producing sky high profits, but no other sports can be compare with the National Football League and continues to be the most lucrative sports league in the world, according to Forbes magazine.

The franchise that have many contracts with national broadcast and cable networks sales of souvenirs, jerseys, T-shirts, jackets and many other products you can imagine the revenues and profits coming from this sorcerers are completely out of the charts. According to Forbes, from bottom to top we have on an average the NHL worth is $282 million(30 teams), NBA $509 million (30 teams), MLB $744 million (30 teams), the world´s top 20 soccer teams worths $968 million and on top of the list we have with 32 teams the National Football League worths $1.14 billion. Continue reading

Brisson of Greenwich Sets New Diving Record

Connor Brisson, a senior at Greenwish High School, set a new record on his way to victory at the Fairfield County Interscholastic Athletic Conference (FCIAC) diving championship, boys’ division, at Westhill High School in Stamford Wednesday night.

Brisson amassed 529.6 poinConnor Brissonts, a new record over the previous 486.66 set way back in 1986, which set a smile on the face of Kevin Thompson, his diving coach.

After one of Brisson’s dives, Thompson was seen putting his arms in the air.

Dan Schott, a senior at Wilton High School, trailed behind Brisson with 407.55. Jake Bowtell of Darien followed close with 399.15 points. Continue reading